Lord. It feels like a lifetime since I starting making these wonderous little bites. Although I have built a business before, it was in a space I was comfortable with. I may know my way around the kitchen but the food industry is a beast unto itself. It feels like a maze – lots of dead ends and high hedges making it hard to see where you are going. I have thankfully had the support and guidance from mentors and a lot of encouragement from an incredible group of friends and my ever-cheering family.

Here is what I have learned so far:

You don’t know what you don’t know.

I have worn this saying out but it kind of sums up the learning curve of starting something completely from the ground up and I have learned to be comfortable with it. Comfortable with saying “I don’t know”. It’s liberating. Try it.

Celebrate little wins.

If I can find a way to answer a question today that I couldn’t answer yesterday, it’s a win. Even if it leads to more questions, it’s a win. I’ll take it.

Find a way to be proud of a very obvious work in progress.

This is hard – especially when you are results oriented. I feel like this business is always a work in progress, like I should be wearing an ‘under construction’ sign. But there is some movement forward every day. I need to reach back to where I have come from to really appreciate where I am.

Don’t be afraid to try what you don’t know.

I am a designer. I am a consumer of healthy eats and a self-described foodie with a kick-ass palette. But I am not a chef. I have never worked in a professional kitchen. I don’t know anything about co-manufacturing, the science of packaging or shelf life, nutritionals… this list is the length of my arm. Sigh. And I would be lying if I said it’s sheer length hasn’t given me a facial tick. But I have managed to make this list shorter. Slowly. Surely.

If not now, when?

Without getting too philosophical – why the hell not? What is holding you back? To get to this point in the business it has cost me mostly my time. Flushing out ideas is time. Take risks. Why not?

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