The SisBoomBah story actually begins In New Zealand.

My family and I were living there for a work opportunity and my eldest sister and her family came to visit. Over many bottles of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, my sister shared her secret desire to get her fingers in the good eating pie with a granola she had been experimenting with.

Now despite their love of all things dairy, kiwis are an active, health conscious lot and the selection of healthier snack options in NZ blew what she was seeing in Canada out of the water. Variety and flavor combinations; clever packaging and inventive presentation; all of the above. We talked and may have drank some more and it gave me food for thought. Especially since returning to Canada was always in our plans.

I have a crippling sweet tooth. So does my husband. So do my offspring. So that felt like the very best place to start. Something small, delicious, from the earth, all natural, all day, sweet as. And fun. Have you ever looked, really looked, at the health food section in your grocer? So serious and straight-laced and beige. It’s a snack! It isn’t going to save your life. If sugary cereal and nuggets can be fun, so can eating right, dammit.

And so Amazeballs were born! Combining whole, from the earth, unprocessed, untouched foods in a creative way, I arrived at a series of dessert-inspired snack balls. The few I am choosing to release now are all classics – chocolate hazelnut, salted caramel and chocolate peanut butter – but rest assured, I am feverishly in the kitchen refining a wider range that just may blow your mind.

Amazeballs are the first of what I hope will be many offerings in a space in desperate need of flavor and fun. The wheels are always turning over here.

As for the company name? SisBoomBah is a cheer: a rally cry for getting behind eating well and demanding it just taste really good. And I loved that it has SIS in it as mine inspired this entire journey. I am still actively trying to recruit her to leave her busy and important job to work for the little ball company that could. Someday!